We are in a cultural environment that encourages despair. We see the problems but can’t find that one lever to change everything at once. No Facebook post, letter to the editor or witty response to the TV when you are watching alone will change everything.

Doing nothing won’t change anything.

Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, peace be upon them, each taught in their own cultural context that central to being human is love of God and love of neighbor. What if their simple yet profound teaching was our way to work through the many issues facing us today?

What if all our small and doable actions added up to big change

Email terry@neighborsinfaith.org to schedule a meeting and begin to imagine how to join our neighborly movement.

What Not To Do

Please do not play the savior. Just become neighbors.

Individuals and Households

Inform Yourself

Read A Common Word Between Us and You: www.acommonword.com

Read a Letter to ISIS from Islamic Scholars and Imams: http://www.lettertobaghdadi.com/

Read a new translation of the Holy Quran

Read Islam for Jews from Rabbi Firestone

Read Reza Aslan’s book: No God But God

Read Leslie Hazleton book  The First Muslim

Get a group together to engage a study on Islam.

Read a book by Michael Klare, Resource Wars and The Race for What’s Left.

Read this report on the millions of dollars going to the Islamophobia Industry.

Read this article about the Islamophobia Industry.

Check out this site on Islamophobia Industry: https://islamophobianetwork.com/

Read this book on Islamophobia.

Read a Study on Right Wing Terror Groups.

Read and use this website to help you respond to Islamophobic assumptions or questions  www.islamfactcheck.org

Read these two pieces on what sharia means:  Who is Afraid of Sharia? ShariaFactsheet  

Develop a Relationship with a Muslim or Christian (or anybody else for that matter)

Invite someone someone from the “other tradition” to coffee, tea or do dinner at your place or for dinner out with a few of your friends.

Be willing to be vulnerable and to listen well.

Have fun!

You do not need to fix anything for anyone. Just be open to developing a relationship. Let your world and your concerns get a little bigger and realize how much you have in common with others.

When you hear of an issue facing your new friends, get their permission to speak to your Imam, Pastor or Board Member about it. Encourage them to look for ways you can support each other in working on that issue together.

Pastors, Imam’s, Board Members and Congregations

Develop relationships with each other. Go out to dinner with each other’s families.

Create “meet and greet” gatherings for your congregations between Muslims and Christians.

Invite other faith leaders to be present and even speak at your big annual celebrations.

Develop networks so that when issues impact your community members that you can work together on them. Muslims make up a very small percentage of the faith communities in western Washington  State. It is easy for Muslim faith communities to become overwhelmed by offers of partnership and support. Try to build or join coalitions of faith communities and build a relationship with a Mosque or Islamic Center together. Together we are stronger!

Please do not try to fix the problem for your Muslim or Christian friends. Rather, ask how you and your community can constructively accompany them in their struggle for human and civil rights for all people.

Read the Aspen Institute’s Study on Principled Pluralism.